3 of the Latest Trends in Desert Landscaping Design

Coming up with landscaping ideas can be tricky if you’re unsure where to begin. But with a few tips and tricks, you can create a stunning outdoor space, even in desert regions. Here are three of the latest trends in desert landscaping design.

Rock Gardens

The first trend in desert landscaping design is the rock garden. In desert regions, grass can be difficult to grow and maintain. As a result, rock gardens have grown in popularity as a substitute for grass. You can use rocks of all shapes and sizes within a rock garden. For example, you can use smaller gravel and pebbles as your base while using some large rocks as statement pieces throughout the garden. Building a rock garden for your landscape design will add beauty to your outdoor space while also requiring minimal maintenance.

Native Plants

Native plants are the second trend in desert landscaping design. It’s common in many regions to plant flowers that aren’t in their home environment. While growing these exotic plants may be tempting, it’s not the best idea in a desert landscape. Because the desert is so arid and prone to drought, you must grow plants native to the region that require far less water to survive. Cacti are a desert favorite because they flourish in the climate.

Outdoor Structures

The third latest trend in desert landscape designs is adding outdoor structures. As we know, the desert can get swelteringly hot and lacks protective shade. Because of this, many people have picked up the trend of incorporating outdoor structures into their landscape design. Things like pergolas, gazebos, and awnings are perfect for adding a little shade to your outdoor living space. These structures make it possible to go outside and enjoy your yard even in the heat. They also bring some visual appeal to it.

Now that you know three of the latest trends in desert landscaping design, you can begin using these strategies in your own outdoor space. Check out NV Landscapes for landscaping services in Las Vegas to improve yours.