4 of the Best Water Feature Ideas for Your Landscape

One of the greatest ways to create a serene and relaxing outdoor space is by including water elements in your landscaping design. Water adds balance, character, and charm and creates an elevated sensory experience that can help boost your mood or calm you. Here are four of the best water feature ideas for your landscape.


Fountains are the perfect statement piece to create a wow factor in your garden or outdoor space. There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles of fountains that you can include. For example, spouting fountains, disappearing fountains, cascading fountains, wall fountains, pond fountains, and birdbath fountains are all great options.


A pond works as a fantastic focal point if you want to bring more nature into your backyard. You can add water lilies, water lettuce, Creeping Jenny, and Mosaic pond plants to give this feature some extra life and flair. Many people also add aquatic life, such as koi fish, to their ponds. There are so many ways you can design and style your backyard pond to enhance your overall landscape.


This water feature is one of the best ways to create a soothing and relaxing outdoor space. The gentle sounds of trickling water can disguise the noise of traffic from the streets and transport you to a lush rainforest right in your own backyard. You can include a waterfall in a stream or pond or let it stand on its own.


Streams are a great way to add sound and movement to create a more dynamic space. The sound of running water from the stream also creates a calming effect, giving you the perfect outdoor area for relaxing with friends and family. You can also add waterfalls to your stream or build bridges over it to further elevate your landscaping.

Keep in mind these four water features to include in your landscaping as you develop a design for your outdoor space. And when you’re ready to start construction, NV Landscapes offers hardscaping services to help you bring all your elaborate water feature ideas to life.