4 Signs You Need To Replace the Shrubs in Your Yard

Shrubs are a great way to fill space within your outdoor landscape. They can enhance the greenery and fullness of your lawn and are simple to maintain. However, you may need to periodically update and replant this garden staple. Here are four signs you need to replace the shrubs in your yard.

They Are Too Overgrown

Your shrubs fit perfectly in the space you need to fill in your garden when you first purchase them. However, over time, shrubs will outgrow this area, rendering a need for replacement. While you can initially fix the issue by trimming and pruning them, the situation will eventually require replanting. It might be time to get new shrubs when thick branches begin to block windows and doorways or they start to impact the growth of your flowers.

They Are in Poor Health

You will need to replace your shrubs if they are in bad condition. However, it can be tricky to tell if they are dying or just shifting with the seasons. Here are a few tell-tale signs that your shrubs are in poor health:

  • Discoloration of leaves
  • Pest infestation
  • Shriveled and distorted leaves
  • Bark issues
  • Failing to bloom

They Have Experienced Damage

Extreme weather and other adverse conditions can cause damage to your shrubs. For example, too much water or exposure to harmful chemicals can create an irreparable issue. You will need to plant new shrubs if this happens.

They Need Proper Planting

You may be finding issues with your shrubs due to improper planting. Pay attention to where you plant your shrubs, as they need proper sunlight, moisture, and soil to thrive. Your shrub will likely not do well if their placement neglects any of these factors.

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