5 Landscape Design Tips To Increase Home Value

Adding landscaping to your property is a great way to enhance your home. Landscaping can create an attractive and inviting outdoor space while increasing property value. Homeowners are often surprised at how much their landscape design affects their home's curb appeal and overall value. Take a look at these five landscape design tips to increase home value.

Landscape To Match Your Home

When planning your landscaping, you must consider the style of your home. Think about using elements complementary to your house's architecture. You may want to use similar materials or textures. For example, if you have a Victorian-style home, you could incorporate ornamental shrubs and flower beds for a more traditional look. If you live in a modern home with sharp angles and monochromatic colors, you could opt for contemporary plants with bold foliage and bright flowers to add color and contrast.

Install Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting is another fantastic way to improve the look and value of your home. These lights increase visibility, aesthetic appeal, and security. Consider using soft spotlights or down-lighting fixtures, which will provide subtle illumination without washing out other elements in the yard. Path lights are also great for walkways, driveways, or decks while providing a warm ambient glow. Additionally, consider installing uplighting fixtures to highlight trees, plants, shrubs, and other aspects of your garden that might otherwise remain unnoticed during night hours.

Plant Trees in Your Yard

Planting several trees in your yard can have a significant effect when it comes to increasing home value. They add beauty and character while providing shade from hot summer days, creating an ideal environment for relaxation and entertainment. Furthermore, mature trees increase property values significantly, making them some of the most cost-effective features that boost market appeal over time. Depending on the size and location of your yard, you may want to consider evergreen varieties like spruce or pine, which will provide a year-round green backdrop for outdoor living spaces. Alternatively, you may want deciduous trees, such as maple or oak, which offer seasonal color changes throughout the year.

Add an Irrigation System

Installing an irrigation system is also a great way to boost your property's value while making it easier to maintain. Irrigation systems allow for efficient and precise water distribution throughout your landscaping, ensuring that plants get the exact amount of water they need. This process helps promote healthy plant growth while reducing the time you spend on manual watering tasks. Additionally, irrigating with controlled amounts of water helps prevent overwatering, which can lead to costly runoff or issues like soil erosion.

Maintain Your Lawn

Finally, it's beneficial to maintain your lawn to keep it in good condition all year round. Make sure you mow regularly to avoid overgrown grass. Additionally, try using mulch around plants and trees to retain moisture in the soil while preventing weed growth from taking over areas with less frequent foot traffic. Fertilizers are also important for lawn care since they provide essential nutrients for plant growth. Depending on the type of fertilizer you use, apply it every six to eight weeks during the growing season according to label instructions.

Now that you've reviewed these five landscaping design tips to boost property value, you can use them for your home. If you need assistance with your landscape design and installation, call a professional. Check out NV Landscapes LLC for our services; we can help you achieve the landscaping of your dreams.