5 Signs Your Property Needs Landscape Maintenance

After completing their first landscape project, many homeowners only dream of having a lawn that requires little to no retouches. However, the truth is that no yard is immune to the inevitable transformations that occur due to the climate and seasonal weather.

Fortunately, there are ways to identify whether your lawn needs a bit of care to thrive and continue to look appealing. Here are five signs your property needs landscape maintenance and what these warnings can mean.

Dry, Discolored Grass

It’s safe to say that a lush, green lawn is one of the largest contributors to your home’s exterior appeal. However, several factors could prevent your landscape from showcasing that beautiful blanket of healthy grass.

If you see brown patches of dry grass appear throughout your lawn, your first thought might be to increase watering habits to ensure that your property receives a sufficient amount of water. However, it’s wiser to contact a professional landscaper to assess the issue since its root can be deeper than the amount of water the grass receives.

Unsightly, Overgrown Weeds

Overgrown weeds are bad news for plants in your yard since they compete for nutrients and sunlight. This struggle can stunt the growth of crops and flowers. Weeds also take up space and make it challenging for gardens to thrive.


Unfortunately, your lawn doesn’t only affect your home's curb appeal and value but the value of neighboring properties in its vicinity. If your residence’s landscape suffers from a maintenance issue, your neighbors may bring the concern to your attention or have the homeowner’s association issue you a citation.

Evidence of Pests

One can only imagine how nightmare-inducing pests can be. Harmful insects can eat away precious plants and hurt their appearance while counteracting your hard work to grow and maintain them. If you notice that leaves on your prized floral accents are turning into snacks, you’ll want to take immediate action.

Scorching, Hot Summers

While winters in the country’s eastern region are a common culprit of dry, dying grass, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas experience the opposite. The dry, scorching summers are enough to dry out landscapes and burn abundant emerald meadows.

Furthermore, dusty winds can draw moisture from the ground and leave stems and plants parched and unkempt.

Most homeowners can maintain their lawns and other landscaping features without much difficulty. However, there are times when even the most avid DIY landscaper needs support. Serious lawn situations can get out of hand and can appear as signs your property needs landscape maintenance.

If any of these signs mentioned above are present in your landscape, don’t hesitate to contact NV Landscapes to assist you. Our talented professionals specialize in residential landscape maintenance in Las Vegas and aim to provide quality services to make your lawn look its best.