5 Things You Didn’t Know a Landscaping Service Could Do

You may be familiar with the idea of landscaping and hiring a landscaper. However, there are many services you might not be aware of that a landscaper can offer. Here are five things you didn’t know a landscaping service could do.

Hardscape Installation

Hardscape installation is the first thing you may not know a landscaping service can do. Hardscaping refers to the artificial features within a landscape. For example, paths, walkways, driveways, walls, and even basketball courts are all examples of hardscaping.

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation installation is another service you may not know a landscaper could provide. Because landscapers ensure you have a stunning yard, lawn, and garden, many will also offer irrigation services to water the landscape. Plants will need regular watering, and these irrigation systems will take care of that.

Lawn Maintenance

Another landscaping service you might not know is available is ongoing lawn maintenance. Many landscaping companies are full-service, meaning they offer a full range of services related to taking care of your landscape. Lawn maintenance includes mowing and trimming the grass regularly.

Pest Control

Pest control is also a service that some landscapers offer to clients. Pest control is an excellent investment because it keeps your plants and landscapes healthy and safe from insects and annoying pests that feed on the plants.

Snow Removal

The fifth thing you never knew landscapers could do is snow removal. That’s right, folks, landscapers are also still at work in the wintertime. Because snow will often cover your driveways and paths, landscapers will often provide snow removal services for their clients. After all, those driveways and paths are part of the beautiful hardscape that your landscaper might have installed.

So now that you know some services you didn’t know landscapers provided, you can start receiving these services today. NV Landscapes offers landscape design services in Las Vegas that will help you create the landscape of your dreams.