5 Top Design Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor spaces are great places to entertain friends and family at home. But what’s entertainment without some good food to go along with it? That’s why outdoor kitchens are becoming so popular in residential builds today. Here are the five top design tips for planning an outdoor kitchen.

Assess Your Space

Assessing your space is the first step when planning an outdoor kitchen. Before beginning your project, you’ll first need to know what you’re working with in terms of space. Understanding how much available outdoor space you have will help you determine what elements to include in your kitchen. Decide the best location for your kitchen, then take the necessary measurements of that space. Document these measurements so you can access them easily and reference them throughout your project.

Set a Project Budget

Next, you’ll want to set a project budget. Anytime you embark on a home improvement project, you’ll need to set an appropriate budget for yourself. Conduct some research to determine how much your project will likely cost based on materials and labor. Then, set a suitable budget based on how much you are able to spend. As you get the necessary tools, equipment, and material for building your outdoor kitchen, be mindful not to overspend to avoid going over your budget.

Select a Functional Layout

Selecting a functional layout is another helpful tip when creating an outdoor kitchen. Layouts are very important aspects of home improvement projects, especially in kitchen spaces. You want your layout to provide enough space to move around freely and easily access the essential appliances as you cook. For example, having your stove, oven, sink, and prep area close to each other is a good idea. A good layout will make your outdoor kitchen more effective, efficient, and functional.

Choose a Design Style

Once you determine an appropriate layout, you can choose a design style. You want the overall aesthetic of your space to be cohesive and complimentary to your home as a whole. Play around with ideas until you settle on the most suitable design style for you and your outdoor space. You can keep your theme simple and minimal or choose a theme that makes your outdoor space feel like a vineyard in Tuscany. The options are endless, so pick a design that is perfect for you.

Embellish with Landscaping

Our final tip for planning your outdoor kitchen is to embellish it with landscaping. Perhaps the most exciting part about having an outdoor kitchen is that you can enhance it with plants and landscaping elements, unlike your indoor kitchen. You can include potted flowers, trees, vines, trellises, and water features like fountains. Make sure to choose plants that grow well in your area. You can contact a professional service to do the job for you if you need assistance with your landscaping.

Now that you have five tips for creating an outdoor kitchen space, you can start your project today. If you’re looking for landscape contractors in Las Vegas, contact NV Landscapes. We can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams!