How Often Should You Update Your Landscaping?

Landscaping is an amazing way to improve the appearance of your yard and home. However, landscapes need occasional updates over time. So how often should you update your landscaping? Keep reading to find out more.

Why You Should Update Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a major part of your home and its overall external appearance. Therefore, you want to ensure it stays in good condition. A beautiful landscape design can help increase your property value, which is a major benefit if you ever want to sell your home. Over time, there are a number of factors that can impact and affect your landscaping. For example, weather, drought, natural disasters, insects, and other various elements can cause damage to your yard and landscape. As such, it's helpful to update the landscaping from time to time to keep it looking its best.

How To Know It's Time for an Update

As mentioned, there are many factors that can impact and damage your landscaping. That's why it's helpful to know the signs to look for so that you know when it's time to update your landscape. One of the more obvious signs that a landscape needs repair and maintenance is damage from inclement weather or storms. Another common sign that your landscape may need an update is that your plants are not thriving in their current environment. Then there are some other personal reasons you may want to update your landscaping. For example, you may have just painted your house and want some new landscaping to match.

How Often You Should Perform Updates

Now that you know why your landscaping needs updates, it's essential to know how often those updates should take place. Of course, the frequency with which you should perform these updates will vary depending on your specific yard. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to update your landscaping roughly every five years. However, you should still maintain your yard and landscape regularly to keep it in good condition throughout the year. Watering plants, pulling weeds, and mowing the grass are all examples of regular maintenance that will keep your home looking lovely.

Now that you know how frequently you should update your landscaping, you can decide when your home's landscape needs updating. NV Landscapes offers landscape maintenance in Las Vegas to help you keep your home looking as good as possible.