How To Completely Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

A well-designed outdoor living space can act as an oasis away from the rest of your busy life. When most people think of an outdoor space, they envision something either very simple or incredibly difficult to maintain. Your outdoor living space doesn’t need to be either of these things. By augmenting the existing landscaping and adding unique features, such as a firepit or fountain, you can transform your outdoor living space into one that’s beautiful, lush, and relaxing. In this guide on how to completely transform your outdoor living space, we’ll go over some tips on making your outdoor living space the ultimate place for living, dining, cooking, and leisure.

Add a Fire Feature

The addition of a fire feature can make your outdoor living space look better, feel warmer and brighter, and improve its functionality. The traditional type of fire feature is the firepit, which contains a fire and keeps it from spreading. The complexity of the firepit can vary from a simple hole in the ground to a more elaborate structure made of stone, brick, or metal. You can surround your fire pit with outdoor seating and transform it into the perfect place to chat with family and friends. A fireplace is another option. It can be a purely decorative focal point to a cozy hang-out area or a functional feature with the addition of a built-in pizza oven or a television above the mantle.

Incorporate Water Features

A water feature can add more dimension to your outdoor living space and give it a calming, zen-like atmosphere. When it comes to water features, you have plenty of options to choose from. Create a unique walkway with floating pavers passing over a water feature filled with aquatic plants, for example. Another fantastic option is to install a fountain. You can use a fountain with a wide enough edge as a form of unconventional seating. If you enjoy dipping your feet in the water during hot, humid days or have children who like playing outside, you can even get a fountain that doubles as a wading pool!

Focus on the Landscape

Focusing on the existing landscape is one of the easiest and most effective ways to completely transform your outdoor living space. If you have natural grass, it’s important to maintain it by regularly mowing, fertilizing, and pulling weeds. Alternatively, you can replace your grass with artificial turf. Turf is almost indistinguishable from real grass and requires less upkeep. If your outdoor living space feels bare, consider planting shrubbery, flowers, and trees, either in the grass or in decorative pots and plant beds. Plenty of beautiful plants are low-maintenance and can withstand a variety of climates. For an added touch, consider bordering any plant beds with glass pebbles, brick, stone, or another type of paver.

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