How To Improve Water Drainage in a Landscape

There's nothing worse than a brown and muddy landscape. Not only is standing water unsightly—it can be damaging to your grass, flowers, shrubbery, trees, and even your health.

But drainage problems aren't something that you can solve with the snap of a finger. They require creative solutions, especially if you want a solution that isn't as unsightly as the water itself. Digging a bunch of ditches in your yard works, but it's far from the most aesthetic option.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to solve drainage issues that enhance your landscape, not detract from it. Here's how to improve water drainage in a landscape without covering your lawn with holes or extending downspouts.

Plant a Rain Garden

Is there a pesky indentation in your lawn that's notorious for collecting rainwater? That bare hollow doesn't have to be a mucky puddle. What if you could transform it into a flourishing garden that looks beautiful and erases all your drainage woes?

Fill that indentation with water-loving plants and watch as they eagerly drink up any water sent their way. A rain garden will safely contain rainwater (preventing runoff and the negative consequences of it) until it drains away.

Design a Creek Bed

Need to channel water away from a troublesome spot or want to supply your rain garden with more hydration? A charming creek bed can do both. A creek bed is essentially a ditch (a swale, specifically) that's been decorated to look nice.

You can surround it with gravel, pebbles, boulders, plants, and even build a bridge over it. Creek beds won't always have water running through them, but a creative and well-thought-out design will look as pretty as a picture even when parched.

Collect and Harvest Rainwater

You don't want to turn your landscape into a veritable swamp, but draining away all that water can seem wasteful at times. Luckily, you don't have to waste the water that drains away. The next tip on how to improve water drainage in a landscape is to collect and reuse rainwater.

By building a below-grade storage well or water barrel, you can gather rainwater and harvest it at a later date. The water you harvest can be used to hydrate your plants (either indoor or outdoor) during a dry spell, wash your laundry, flush toilets, cook, and many other things.

This eco-friendly solution to drainage problems won't just prevent a muddy lawn. It can also dramatically reduce your water bill each month. Two birds with one stone!

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