How To Maintain Your Landscape

Maintaining your lawn and garden year-round is imperative if you want your home to have stellar curb appeal. Most homeowners already perform the basics, including mowing and pulling up weeds, but there's a lot more to basic lawn maintenance than just caring for the grass. If you're wondering how to maintain your landscape and achieve a beautiful, manicured lawn that’ll be the envy of the entire neighborhood, here are some essential landscape maintenance tasks.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Your lawn is the first thing that will catch the attention of passersby. If you keep it neat and maintained, you can ensure that their initial impression of your home is a positive one. Mowing is an important aspect of lawn maintenance—however, it’s also an easy task to overdo. If you cut the grass too short, it can become stressed. Depending on the species of grass you have, the ideal height you should cut it to varies. The recommended mowing height for Kentucky Bluegrass, for example, is two inches. You should also make sure to regularly remove pesky weeds, fertilize the grass, water it when the weather is hot, rake leaves, and reseed bare patches.

Maintain the Trees and Shrubbery

Caring for the trees and shrubbery on your property is another great tip on how to maintain your landscape. Trees that don’t undergo routine inspection and maintenance can become a hazard. To prevent overgrown, unstable, or dying trees from ruining your home, make sure to mulch around them, trim their branches, and have professionals treat or remove trees that aren’t in the best of health. Shrubs aren't necessarily dangerous, but they can look messy when allowed to grow without restraint. You can maintain them by feeding them a balanced fertilizer in spring and adding mulch around their base. Pruning is also essential for maintaining your shrubs’ neatness.

Make Your Garden Beautiful

The best way to add color to your landscape is to include perennial and annual flowers. During the growing season, remember to treat the plants according to their specific needs. There are some plants that need a lot of sunlight and others that prefer shade. To flourish, one plant may need moist soil, while another is drought-tolerant and only needs infrequent watering. Most types of flowers will benefit from fertilizer. As these flowering plants reach the end of their lifespan, take the time to pluck off any dead flowers. This will keep the plants tidy and may even encourage them to bloom again. Once the plants completely wilt, trim them to the ground or pluck and discard them.

Keeping your landscape in optimal shape takes a lot of time and effort—two valuable resources that many homeowners don’t have. If you need a reliable company to handle your residential landscape maintenance in Las Vegas, contact NV Landscapes today! We provide year-round care that will leave your landscape looking immaculate.