The Best Time of Year for Planting in Las Vegas

Understanding the planting season in Las Vegas can help you cultivate healthy plants and a beautiful outdoor space. Choosing the right time of year to plant in Las Vegas makes all the difference in ensuring your garden thrives. Read on to learn the best times to plant in Las Vegas, and create a vibrant garden!

Planting at the Best Time

Although the high heat and low rainfall in Las Vegas may seem detrimental to plant growth, they don’t make it impossible to plant year-round. Any time of year is a good time to add greenery to your landscape!

Various systems help you keep your plants healthy and moisturize the soil to ensure they survive the hotter periods of the year. Planting native greenery makes caring for them easier.

NV Landscapes has numerous options for plants that will look great in your yard throughout the year, such as our lantana flowers. Our experts will help you find the best plants according to the season and climate. Your property deserves to look its best regardless of the weather, and we have the means to help you achieve that excellent look!

Best Plants for Each Season

Your chances of successful planting improve depending on the plants you use. At NV Landscapes, we have plants for year-round integration, meaning they are likely to survive. For example, planting sage and fruit trees in spring gives you beautiful shrubbery and harvestable fruit by fall. During hot summers, our selection of cacti can spruce up your lawn and make yard maintenance in Las Vegas easy because they thrive in deserts. During the fall and winter, agave thrives in the transition from warm to cool and survives the winter leading into spring.

Planting Tips

Although planting is possible year-round in Las Vegas, you’ll need to know how to care for your landscaping. Use these tips to keep your plants healthy:

  • Use drip irrigation systems to provide consistent moisture while conserving water.
  • Apply mulch around your plants to retain soil moisture and regulate temperature.
  • Use shade cloths or plant tall species around delicate plants to protect them from the sun.
  • Choose fertilizers appropriate for the needs of your plants, and apply them seasonally.
  • Align your planting schedule with the climate to follow sustainable water use practices.

By understanding the best times to plant in Las Vegas and following our expert advice, you’ll create a thriving garden that enhances your home’s beauty and value. Start planting your garden today, and enjoy the benefits of this strategy!