The Difference Between Hardscaping and Landscaping

Many people often get hardscaping and landscaping confused with each other. When embarking on an outdoor remodeling project, you must know the differences between the two services. Hardscaping and landscaping are two separate practices that people typically use together to create stunning outdoor environments. Here, we explain the difference between hardscaping and landscaping.


The term “hardscape” refers to all the hard, or non-living, elements within a landscape. Hardscaping includes built structures, such as stone walls, wooden decks, brick patios, and concrete paving. Due to this variety, there are so many ways that hardscapes can upgrade and elevate any outdoor space. For example, if you have a yard that you’re remodeling, then adding features like stone or gravel pathways, fences, decks or patios, pergolas, and even fountains, is a fantastic way to incorporate hardscaping into your environment. Hardscaping isn’t just about visual design; it also serves a purpose for the greater functionality of outdoor spaces. For example, different structures can help level out uneven ground or reduce runoff in areas prone to flooding. Overall, hardscaping adds structure, beauty, function, and curb appeal to any outdoor space.


On the other hand, landscaping, or softscaping, encompasses all the soft or living elements within the outdoor environment. Landscaping involves arranging, planting, watering, and maintaining plants within an environment. This process includes tending to the grass, bushes, flowers, trees, and other flora in an outdoor area. Landscaping also focuses on the overall layout and design of all the plant elements within a space. Landscapers consider the season, weather, and prime growth conditions when deciding which plants are best to incorporate into their designs. Well-executed landscaping can enhance any outdoor space and create a beautiful ambiance for entertaining or relaxing while also increasing overall property value.


Understanding the difference between hardscaping and landscaping is helpful when you want to begin working on an outdoor project. Both of these elements work together seamlessly to create stunning environments and outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment. NV Landscapes LLC offers landscaping and hardscaping in Las Vegas to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.