The Importance of Proper Drainage in Landscaping

Landscaping is a large part of what can make your house look like a paradise. You could have simple flora with routinely cut grass and beautiful yard sculptures and plants galore. It’s no wonder homeowners care so deeply about their yards.

But if there’s no drainage, that paradise can swiftly turn into a muddy wasteland. Understanding the importance of proper drainage in landscaping can make or break your yard, so take a look and see what drainage can offer you.

Prevents Water Damage

When it comes to drainage, water retention doesn't just damage your landscaping; it can permanently damage the foundation of your home. If there’s a severe thunderstorm, water can flow through your yard significantly faster.

This rapidly moving water can then force its way through cracks in your foundation, causing damage to your home and leaks in your basement. So, knowing the importance of proper drainage in landscaping isn't just for your yard but your home, as well.

Allows for Erosion

One of the greatest dangers of not having good drainage in your landscaping is erosion. Rainfall and other precipitation throughout the year will cause soil to runoff in the yard, carrying landscaping away with it.

Erosion can decrease the value of the property by creating sloping ground. It can also be a money-waster that washes away your hard work. It can be dangerous leaving erosion unchecked, as it can cause foundations to shift and sink as well.

Reduces Standing Water

If you don’t consider drainage, your yard is at risk of collecting standing water. Standing water on your property not only creates slippery, dangerous surfaces but can also drown landscaping plants.

Appearance-wise, standing water can be highly unsightly for your yard. You're also potentially at risk of attracting unwanted mosquitoes.

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