The Value of a Manicured Landscape

A beautiful, manicured landscape isn't just a prepossessing sight to behold—those colorful flowers, lush grass, and the florid fountain in your backyard have tangible value. You've probably heard that curb appeal is a huge part of what buyers look for in a home. It only makes sense, then, that having a well-maintained yard would cause your home's appeal, and consequently, its value, to skyrocket.

Landscaping has been proven to add immense value to appraisal—in fact, numbers suggest that investing in landscaping can increase the value of your home by up to 20 percent. You can't deny the value of a manicured landscape, but what exactly does that value comprise of? Some additions to your yard are bigger money-makers than others. Here's a list of what those are.

Vibrant Greenery

Filling your yard with bright, vibrant flowers and towering trees has plenty of advantages—it looks incredible, it benefits the environment and local biodiversity, and it boosts your home's value by a hefty amount.

For trees, take a look at what kind of trees are lounging in your neighbor's yard. Having one stand-out tree can give your home some unique charm, but having too much out-of-place foliage will look bizarre. For flowers, consider picking one or two colors and basing your design around that. Taking a long, hard look at the color of your exterior paint is a good place to start. The colors of your chosen flowers should, ideally, complement the rest of your home's exterior.


The next thing that contributes to the value of a manicured landscape is a yard that matches the rest of the home. It's true that you don't want everything about your home to match; there's nothing worse than a cookie-cutter home with no character. But matching the general theme of your yard to the style of home you have will make the landscape appear natural.

A log-style home would benefit from a rustic-looking yard with pine and maple trees, wooden furniture, and an overall simplistic design. A Japanese-style home, on the other hand, would look incredible with a garden that promotes Zen. You don't need to pour sand all over your yard for the true Zen-garden experience, though. Instead, incorporate a variety of rocks, Japanese red maples, and cherry blossoms.

Improve Outdoor Living

There's nothing better than getting to spend time outdoors. So why not make the experience more thrilling and comfortable? A new walkway, light fixtures, water fixtures, an outdoor kitchen, and new patio furniture are all additions that’ll make outdoor living seem more luxurious.

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