Types of Hardscaping To Consider for Your Lawn

Your outdoor space contains two important aspects: softscaping and hardscaping. While people typically focus on softscaping, such as floral designs and plant and tree maintenance, many forget the importance of hardscaping. If you feel your yard is missing something, consider these types of hardscaping for your lawn.

What Are the Benefits of Hardscaping?

Hardscaping helps fill space and create dimension within your landscaping, increasing your home’s curb appeal. Hardscaping elements are also a low-maintenance and water-efficient method, boosting the natural aesthetic of your living space while saving you money.

Types of Hardscaping

Hardscaping comes in many shapes, sizes, and styles. From entertainment spaces to picturesque walkways, the opportunities are endless. Explore the most popular options below.

Gazebos and Pergolas

Gazebos and pergolas are great ways to seamlessly create shade in your yard. Gazebos, complete with four walls and a covered roof, provide you and your guests full shelter. Pergolas are framed structures with open sides and a slatted roof, allowing you to soak up a bit of sun and shade all at once! No matter your choice, these structures will give you a sense of comfort and luxury as you enjoy the outdoors!

Decks and Patios

Installing a deck or patio in your backyard is a must. These living space extensions, typically designed with wood, concrete, or stone, add to a practical outdoor layout. You will experience improved relaxation and enjoyment of your space with a deck or patio!

Stone Walkways

Consider integrating a stone walkway or path to weave throughout your softscaping design. This will enhance the overall look of your floral arrangements, as well as help you get through your yard without making a mess!


Most homes include a driveway that provides parking and vehicular access to your home. However, many homeowners don’t consider designing their driveway to optimize aesthetics. Asphalt is the most common driveway material, but you can also fill this space with concrete, brick, stone, or any other load-bearing material to enhance your home’s appearance.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Complete a perfect entertainment space with an outdoor fireplace. This unique form of hardscaping brings more than just pretty visuals; it creates a space for warmth and gathering. Installing an outdoor fireplace gives you the perfect spot for hosting friends and family!

Incorporating Your Hardscaping

Consider incorporating these types of hardscaping for your lawn to enhance and excite your yard! These simple additions can make a world of difference for your home. When you are ready to elevate your yard with hardscaping, contact NV Landscapes for the best landscape construction and design. We will help you create your dream outdoor space, optimizing relaxation, enjoyment, and beauty!