Vines for Landscaping

In the hot, dry climate of Las Vegas, incorporating vines into your landscaping can be a game-changer. Vines are versatile plants that not only lend visual interest to your outdoor spaces but also offer practical benefits. With their tendency to climb and spread, vines provide multiple benefits that other plants cannot, such as shade and screening from outdoor light, shelter for your home’s exterior, the addition of color to make your home more unique, and even fragrance. NV Landscape has a vast range of landscape vine ideas for your property. The multiple varieties of vines for landscaping in Las Vegas provide numerous opportunities to improve the appearance of your home. We carry orange jubilee bells, Graber pyracanthas, pink Chinese jasmine, Cape honeysuckle, and much more. These desert vines for landscaping come staked for easy gardening.  

Unlike shrubs that require more depth in the yard, vines grow vertically, scaling the heights of fences, walls, or trellises; covering surfaces; and adding a floral accent. This vine landscaping design creates an element of seclusion in your outdoor space.  

The additional color of green that vines add to the layout of your home makes them an aesthetic enhancement. Vines often come with various leaves of different shades and flowers that come in pink, yellow, and orange for a vibrant appearance. This splash of color makes vine landscaping an excellent choice if you want to bring out the beauty of your home and draw more attention from passersby on the street.   

During those hot summer months when the sun constantly shines warm light onto your home’s exterior, vines are a valuable line of defense to protect you from a blazing interior. The vegetation will absorb the sunlight and keep your home cooler, meaning you don’t have to blast your air conditioner. As a Las Vegas resident, a break from the heat is well-appreciated, and as the vines benefit from the sunlight, you’ll have a cooling system that keeps on giving.   

If you’re worried about the opportunities and many options NV Landscapes has, don’t fret over getting it right, either. Our landscape experts are here to provide the best customer service in Las Vegas. We treat each customer based on their individual needs or preferences, so if you have specific landscape designs, please tell us. NV Landscapes has been around for 15 years to provide Las Vegas customers with the best vines for landscaping. As a family-owned and -operated business, we’re proud to be your go-to resource for the best climbing vines in Las Vegas. For more information about vine landscaping, call us today at (702) 817-0213 or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us and ask any questions! We’re happy to help you create your dream home!